A showcase of recent and archived images

Edmonton International Street Performers Festival 2011

This is a sample of images that I made this summer under contract with Epic Photography.   It was a fantastic experience.

The enchantment of the mask

The unstoppable force that is Magic Brian

Eccentric entertainment is not much of a stretch for the Rubberband Boy.

Miss Behave

Gerti of the Kamikazi Fireflies spins a cube.

Gerti has so much fun doing her show that her head explodes.

Gerti finds creative ways to kill the germs that cause bad breath.

Something Fishy this way comes

The bubbly serenity of the land-locked clownfish.

Silver Elvis meets a fan.

The Be Arthurs strut for the ladies.

Nigel Blackstorm, heavy metal magician

Chairman Jim presents

Miss Behave never seems to miss or behave.

Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy will do anything for a piece of gum.

All images on this post are Copyright 2011 Epic Photography

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