A showcase of recent and archived images


Such Great Heights

The magnificent Ama Dablam of the Nepal Himalaya.

Sagarmatha, Chomolungma, 珠穆朗玛峰 Zhūmùlǎngmǎ Fēng, or Mount Everest, whatever you call it, there is no place like it on Earth.


Thick as Thieves

Jasper, Ruby, Banff

Jasper Downtown

After a fun morning of Tours for Tots at the Alberta Gallery of Art, Jasper indulges his annoying dad for a while.

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More Kids

Ruby Tries Vertical


Celebrate Canada Day

My intention here is simply to remind us all about matters that we can easily forget.   This man was very present, accommodating, and pleasant, in addition to being a willing subject for me.

The Burger

The Kids Update

Dude, “Angry Birds”?  You can’t be serious.

Yup, he’s serious.

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Edmonton International Street Performers Festival 2011

This is a sample of images that I made this summer under contract with Epic Photography.   It was a fantastic experience.

The enchantment of the mask

The unstoppable force that is Magic Brian

Eccentric entertainment is not much of a stretch for the Rubberband Boy.

Miss Behave

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Workin’ the Hat – Edmonton Folk Music Festival 2011


I’m going on a Strummer hunt!

(Insert: Six Million Dollar Man bionics sound effect)

The cousins on the run.

I’ve got it, the hat, I’ve got it!

3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival – Hoop Dancer Erik Pipestem

A portrait selection showcasing the magnificent and inscrutable Aris Vincént Pipestem as he appeared at Catalyst Theatre, June 2011 available for viewing at the Alberta Aboriginal Arts blog.


My son Jasper at the Calgary Children’s Festival.

The magnificence of Thomas, Harris hawk

Thomas launches into the air from the arm of his trainer Jan Tollenaar at the Valley Zoo.

Thomas in flight

Thomas makes a classic mid-air retrieval of a piece of fresh meat thrown up by his trainer.

The Rise of Democrafunk

Cyrus and the horn section.

Democrafunk’s Ministers of Percussion deliberate over the pace and depth of this session’s groove.

City of Edmonton, Independent Artist

The athletic and fluid Raena Waddell is a local arts professional whose work is often presented at the Expanse Movement Arts Festival.

Catalyst Theatre, Technical Director

Kevin Green is the multi-talented technical wizard who makes all things go at  Catalyst Theatre.

They Shoot Buffalo Phase 2 – Rehearsal


Rehearsing a transformation sequence  at the 3rd Annual Rubaboo Arts Festival.

Richard Lee performs the movement arts piece They Shoot Buffalo, Don’t They? at the Catalyst Theatre.

Vincent Forcier, Richard Lee, and Erik Pipestem in rehearsal.

Yardbird Suite, Sound Technician

A sound technician from one of the most happening Jazz clubs in North America

The City

Edmonton viewed from the east banks of the North Saskatchewan River

Bits of the City

An action shot of the nuts and bolts holding together the newly refurbished Dawson Bridge.

Home Birth – First Beats

Ruby Mei Comes to Town

Jasper in the Out of Doors

I really do try to restrain myself from putting up too many images of my son.  When I used Facebook albums I really went overboard.  At least with a blog I restrict myself to 1 or 2 images and endeavour to ensure that they have some special quality beyond being simply documentary images of Jasper.

Jasper, Piano Virtuoso

Kathmandu, Nepal, 2000

Two of the ubiquitous Sadhus that inhabit Durbar Square in Kathmandu for a good portion of the year, waiting to be photographed.  Shot on Kodak Ektachrome 100 VS transparency film.

They Shoot Buffalo, Don’t They?

Alberta Aboriginal Arts presents Richard Lee, Troy Emery Twigg, and Nathan Loitz in a segment from a stylish movement arts production making its debut at the Realtors Expanse Movement Arts Festival 2011.   The work was created and directed by Ryan Cunningham and choreographed by Troy Emery Twigg.

Haute Cuisine in Lijiang, China

One of the delicacies available at a Farmer’s Market in southwestern China.  Chosen live and then prepared for sale on the spot.

The practical, portable, method of preparing grilled meats for transport- with a blowtorch.

Egg Hunt

Jasper finds an egg.

Strathcona Farmer’s Market Cinnamon Bun

My son Jasper enjoys a cinnamon bun at the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market in Edmonton on a Saturday morning.

Samosas in Shimla, India, 2000

Some freshly prepared offerings of the delectable Indian snack at a street vendor in Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.   Shimla is situated in the north western Himalaya range and was the summer capital of the British Raj.   Current Afghan president Hamid Karzai attended university there.

More from the Backwater

I feel that adding more Backwater images to this blog might be overkill, but I really loved this production and hope to see it again or see similar productions that combine theatre, dance, music, and visual media into something truly powerful and original.

Jasper, April 2011

Our son, Jasper, is developing his personality.

Silver Skate Festival 2011, Snow Sculpture

Some examples of the artwork on display for the annual snow sculpture competition at the Silver Skate Festival.

Fish and Fangs, Macau, 2003

Some displayed fish eagerly awaiting purchase at a seaside market in Macau.   This image is scanned from a Kodak T-Max 100 negative.

Good Women Being Great

The innovative core of the Good Women Dance Collective perform Distaff at the Expanse Movement Arts Festival.  When my son decides to allow it,  I have been working through the edit of all the great images I had the fortune of capturing at this years festival.  While working this morning, I discovered this rather compelling portrait from their Expanse set.

The Ruins at Hampi, India

The Virupaksha temple, the main center of pilgrimage in the city of Hampi, is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This image was shot on Kodak Ektachrome E100 VS in May 2000, at sunset.

As it was in the beginning…

In 1994 my then-girlfriend  handed me a pamphlet for the Photography and Darkroom program at the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension.  She just handed me the pamphlet and gave me a look without uttering a word.  A year later this happened and I began to think of myself as something more than a wayward restaurant manager with a rather fat BA.  The image is of my friend Linda and daughter Astrid.

Growing a Family


Backwater, 2011

Jesse Gervais in the Windrow Performance production Backwater, which begins on April 9, 2011.

Amber Borotsik in Backwater.

The Expanse Movement Arts Festival 2011

Expanse Movement Arts Festival 2011

Amber Borotsik, founding artistic director of the Expanse Movement Arts Festival.   She can be seen in the upcoming Windrow Performance production Backwater.

The irrepressible Jon Lachlan Stewart of Surreal Soreal Theatre in Blue at Expanse 2011.

Good Women Dance Collective members Alida Nyquist-Schultz and Ainsley Hilliard

Melody Leach, Montreal, 2009

Melody is a clothing designer currently residing in Montreal.

Taipei 101 at night

Today is one of those days that I really miss living in Taipei.

Montreal building covered in artwork

My Twin Nephews, May 2009

Metalian – Bovine Sex Club, Toronto

Montreal Warehouse & Sundog

Edmonton, Canada 2010

Varanasi, India 2003

Varanasi, India 2003